Automatic Machines for pipeline weldings

The automatic welding machines for polyethylene pipeline welding, are a totally modified automated version, of our hydraulic machines,

For Keeping the automatic range, we should change the standard hydraulic engine, for a hydraulic CSE system computer controlled.

This computer has memory all the welding tables charts, according to the norm DVS2207-1, concerning the tubes that he can weld, and all the diameters and pressures.

We only should select the diameter, its pressure, and the material type that we are going to weld, and the machine will do the rest, everything; Calculate the pulling pressure, and sum this to the welding pressure, doing all the welding process completely by herself.

The only process that must be given manually, is obviously the pipeline preparation and the facer and alignment processes.

In addition, thanks to her internal storage the machine is offering us all the work traceability, throughout a simple USB, where we will obtain all the data, in relation with the weldings made, the diameter welded, date, time, the operator that has done the welding, etc… this will permit us acquire a report absolutely detailed of the work realized.

The CSE computer incorporates a printer machine too, where you can print a ticket from each welding complete if you wish, in this ticket appears indicated the settings that the welding requires and the real ones that have been achieved. Finally, the machine shows if the pipeline welding has been performed correctly or not.

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