Thermofusion  Welding

The thermofusion welding; is the union process between two plastic pipelines, or a tube with an accessory, done thought-out heating.

This type of welding has different variations; the butt welding, which is a type of plastic welding, where the pipeline and the accessory has the same outside diameter, is a face to face welding, using a heating fusion mirror and a posterior pressure, once we have the both sides fused. Depending of the pipeline diameter that should be weld, the machines are divided in two big families, Hydraulic machines and Manual machines.

Other type of thermofusion welding, is the Socket welding this kind of plastic welding is the one, as its names indicates, the tube entry inside of the accessory. To do that, the accessory should be always female, causing thereby the pipeline welding in the inside side, for that purpose we will need a heating mirror and some male / female saddles.

This sort of weldings, as the Butt welding and Socket welding, are regulated under the DVS2207-1 normative, thus all our machines are ready for welding under this regulation.

Thermofusion Welding 1

Hydraulic machines

For Polyethylene pipeline welding or polypropylene pipeline weldings…

Thermofusion Welding 2

Manual Machines

The range TE line family, are manual mirrors with diameters…

Thermofusion Welding 3

Automatic Machines

The automatic welding machines for polyethylene pipeline welding…

Thermofusion Welding 4

Automatic and self-propelled

In this section, you could see all the range of self-governing machines…

Thermofusion Welding 5

Socket Machines

or pipelines welding socket, we have differentiated two range forms of products the range PF…

Thermofusion Welding 6

Butt Welding Accessoires

For Butt welding, moreover than dispose a good welding machine, we will need the properly accessories…