Fittings for the soils welding

As practically mostly of the weldings, this is not a different, the soils welding procedure requires some previous work as; the material preparation, the material placement, the bevelled of the tiles, and finally we must cut off the rod’s material left.

In Aristegui Maquinaria we have a great variety of fittings that will help us during the welding, to manage it, and control the PVC soil ending installation.

Within these fittings, we found an automatic bevelling machine with the chips bag incorporated, created to collect the chips and the dust, once the bevels and the tiles are produced.

We could supply you a manual brush, in case that you prefer such thing, with which you will be able to do the channel where the rod welded will go.

About the fast nozzles fitting, depending on the rod thickness, that we are working in, you could choose the appropriate size; 3mm., 4mm. and 5mm., available right now.

In order to finish the installation, we have the razors, with this tool you could cut the rod leftover top off.

Ultimately, here you will find all the necessary for; the preparation, the welding, the completion of the weld, and the properly PVC soils installation without troubles.

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