Welding machines to be use for PVC awnings

Once we choose the sort of union that we are going to do in PVC sheet, we should have in mind that the PVC welding by warm air is the most successful solution. Cause takes profit of the proper weldability of the PVC material, which under high temperatures can transform both tarpaulin sides in a single one.

In order to do that PVC welding correctly, we have to consider three parameters: temperature, pressure, and speed. This combination in a correct way, will give us a result of a welding under guarantees.

These parameters, not always are the same ones, they could change, reason of thickness, plastic type, or room temperature … for that cause is recommended to do welding proves at the beginning.

By warm air method, basically there are two ways to realize a PVC weld; with an automatic machine or with a manual machine.

In Aristegui maquinaria we provide a wide range of manual machines with their accessories for fulfil all sort of weldings.

We have different models of automatic machines for the manufacturing of awnings; the analogic controlled machines, the totally digital ones (used for flap welding), and last one for the band reinforcement welding.

Summarizing, we offer a huge diversity of machines among all, you can choose the best one, that suits your requirements.

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Automatic digital machine for weld of flat covers....

  • Awnings Welding Machines 6


Automatic machine for weld of bands and tapes in tents....

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Automatic machine for weld of tents and sheets of PVC...

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