Plastic Sheet Handling

In the process of plastic boiler production, there are many machines to perform the sheet welding as the: extruders machines, manual weldings, and welding sheet machines.

Furthermore, if you need sheets at the 45º to 90º degrees, there are other type of machines able to perform that, without the necessity to do a weld. These machines can heat and bend a plastic sheet, obtaining perfect angles just folding the sheet.

In Aristegui Maquinaria, we have the range TG and the TG-MO are machines designed to fold plastic sheets.

They are able to bend the sheets of the following length; from 1 meter to 4 meters,and from 1mm. width till 12mm. width., depending on the thickness of the of the plastic sheet that we are going to bend, we will need that the machine has one or two resistances.

These machines are provided with a digital thermostatic, where we can see the temperature, and a chronometer equipped with an acoustic warning device, this will indicate us that the moment to open the machine a proceed with the folding has arrived.

The line TG and TG-MO, are machines basically created for heat the plastic sheets and after that, do the bending by hand.

Besides If we should be highly precise in the bending, we have for that the folding tables BR, these tables have a support and a degree indicator, to proceed with the immediately placement of the sheet heated to ensure the bending at the right exact degreeangle that we need.