Plastic Boiler making

The boiler making is a professional speciality, their main purpose is manufacture all kind of storage thanks, ready for warehouse and transport different materials as liquids or solids…

Thanks to the skills of the plastic that are used for built these deposits, as the PP Polypropylene, thePE Polyethylene, or the PVDF (Polyvinylidenefluoride).

This material thePVDF,has an excellent strength to high temperaturesequally to the chemicals products contact, becoming anindispensables storages deposits; in the Chemical industry, purification plants and other sectors.

The boiler maker has an engineering section, where depending the products functionand its temperature (the temperature that should be supported by the storage tank that we plan to build),they should calculate us their sheet thickness, the number of needed supports,and which is the better material option, etc…. usually it is possible to manufacture everything we need from the first piece till the last one using the same material as:  turbines, chimneys, cabins towers, etc…

Other function where you can see the relevance using thermoplastics is in the production process; their up taken,ventilation and gas scrubbing.

The gasses, could be very corrosive elements and health harmful, so taking this in consideration, it is important that in certain accurate processes gasses should be aspirates immediately, washed and thrown out abroad once they are cleaned.

The scrubbing of smells is another process that is threated by plastic scrubberplants

The plastic welding, could be done in several ways by extrusion, butt welder, etc…In Aristegui Maquinaria you could find all the necessary machines for this sort of weldings.

Plastic Boiler making 1

Plastic Sheet welding

One of more usual process in the Boiling making is the plastic sheet welding…

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Plastic Boiler making 2

Plastic Sheet Handling

In the process of plastic boiler production, there are many machines to perform the sheet welding…

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