Manual Welders

In Aristegui Maquinaria we have a wide range of welders which we could divide in two families, “Incorporative air welders”, and “External air required welders”.

Inside the “Incorporate air welders” family, we have a large line of the Rion models, each one of them with different skills, where you will find the one that suits your interests.

Rion: Hot air welder with a maximum temperature of 650ºC, adjustable with its potentiometer.

Rion BL: With the same skills that the standard Rion, but having the engine without brushes, that permits their nonstop use.

Rion Digital: the difference between this model and the standard Rion, is the digital screen. In this model we select the temperature digitally, and comes with a display screen where appears the temperature selected and the real temperature achieved in these moment by the welder, in order to see at any time the temperature that we are working at the temperature required for this job.

Inside the family of the “External air required machines”, we have our welder MARON, which has the same power and temperature skills than our Rion welder, but needs to be feeded with external air.

After all, the alternative for this type of heaters is our extruder machine Drader Injectiweld, this extruder is in fact a welder that works also by providing material but in this case by direct contact.

We ought to introduce the 4mm. rod into this extruder machine and when the heating process has been completed, the rod comes out fused, permitting us to do: a weld union, a reparation, a hole filling, etc.

For that reason, this is a type of welder widely used in Rotomoulding welding.

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Manual heater with a wide range of accessoriesc

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