Fittings for manual welders

As we already commented, at the Manual Welding description, depending on the nozzles / mouthpieces that we set on the tip of the welder, the machine will be able to do one job or another.

In Aristegui Maquinaria we have a broad range of nozzles where do you find for sure the right one for fulfil your job.

Basically, the nozzles are distinguished by two working methods; welding by providing external material (rod), and the flap welding in sheet of PVC and PE. Apart from that, we can find some ones, very specifics.

The welding by providing external material, could be done with a tilting system or using the speed nozzles. We should use a speed nozzle, that has to match with the rod size that we are going to weld. These nozzles can be used with triangular rods of: 3×5, and 5×7 and also with round rods of: 3mm.,4mm,5mm.

The flap welding has their diversity too, and that’s why, we have nozzles for welding of 20mm., 40mm., 602mm., 80mm.

Moreover, these nozzles could be straight, or in angle of 60º and 90º , for ease the sheet welding, in difficult access places.

The complement of this nozzles are the rollers, for this reason there are rollers in 20mm., 40mm., and 80mm. too, and they come in silicone or PTFE.

In addition to the fittings expressly made for welding, we dispose of a large variety of additional fittings, that will make ease the welding process, as for instance; scrapers, blades, testers, brushers…

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