Manual welding and Rotomoulding welding

The manual welding by Polyethylene, PVC, Polypropylene, and other materials, is possibly the most used thermoplastic welding in whole world.

This type of plastic welding, offers an endless range of solutions in many sections, where welding is needed to be done by hot air.

An example of this, could be; the building of plastic tanks, the PVC sheets and PE waterproof, the automobile reparations, construction and repair of PVC awnings, etc.…is for that reason that this sort of warm air welding machines are very versatile, and depending of the nozzles that we set at the tip of the machine, we will be able to do a specific job for each case.

When we plan, to join and repair two plastic sheets, via welding by hot air. This type of welders does it by providing external material. That means that we could weld any type of thermoplastic material, having always in consideration that we must use a rod made of the same material. Only we can weld them, if there are from the same kind of material; the sheet and the rod, if not will be unfeasible.

Hereunder a list with some products that this machines could weld; PVC, PP (polypropylene), PE (Polyethylene), ABS, PUR, PC (Polycarbonate).

Manual welding and Rotomoulding welding 1

Manual Welders

Inside the “Incorporate air welders” family, we have a large line of the Rion models…

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Manual welding and Rotomoulding welding 2

Welders Fittings

As we already commented, at the Manual Welding description, depending…

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