Industrial Heaters

In Aristegui Maquinaria, we distribute the brand; BAK (Switzerland) which has a wide variety of heaters of high quality.

This Heaters section, is divided in two families; Built-in motor heaters and External air heaters.

Built-in motor heaters.

Inside this family, we have the heaters that goes from 2400W till 5600W, with an electric tension of 230V or 400 V.

Our range line ERON, consist in several types of manual heaters of 340W to 230V. the new version BL goes without carbon brushes, optimized for an ongoing work.

About our range line COMPACT, these heaters go from 2400W. till 5600W. with an electric tension of 230V. or 400V., in addition they are able to regulate the temperature, they can control de air flow providing a great variety of combinations; flow/temperature, that make easier to work with them.

External air Heaters.

The external air flow heaters family, offers a large array of machines that goes from the range XS20 of barely 400W, till the range XL92 with heaters that can achieve the 17400W.

Inside each one of our ranges; XL20, S21, S32, S36, M50, ML50, L62, XL92 there are many options related with the powerful point (W) and voltage (V) that merged

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