Industrial Blowers

In order to supply air to the heaters, we will need a good blower that warranties a nonstop flow, over all the working hours, in occasions in 24 hours shifts.

In Aristegui Maquinaria we provide Blowers from our Switzerland firm BAK, which are robust and high quality, ready to carry out any construction work. They are able to feed with air heater o several heaters at the same time, depending on your needs.

Within the Industrial Blowers range we have two different families, middle pressure blowers and high pressure blowers.

Middle Pressure blowers.

About our low-pressure blowers division, we are supplying the MD10 and the MD14 model, in both cases the blower will be available in 230V. and 400V. providing an air flow between 4,9m37min and the 16,5m3/min under a pressure of 2000pa.

High Pressure Blowers.

Related with high pressure models, we present the HD140 and HD250 model, equally than the previous models, they are available in 230V. and 400V.

The HD140 model could give us an air flow at least of 1.7m3/min to a 14000pa pressure, and the HD250 blower provide an air flow of 3,65m3/min. to a maximum pressure of 2700pa.

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