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Descripción MEK32

Driven by a powerful electric motor, the rod is introduced into the extruder and granulated by the extruder screw in the process.

The screw force on the granules nozzle of the extruder, melting the rod in a totally homogeneous plasticized mass.

As the molten material leaves the nozzle, is shaped by the nozzle of the extruder as molded on the surface being worked on.

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    Soldadura maxima 3,2 kg/h, Ø 4 mm
    1,8 kg/h, Ø 3 mm
    Materiales base PP / PE / PVDF
    Material para la soldadura Varilla redonda: Ø 3 / 4 mm
    Gama de aplicaciones Espesor de pared: – mm
    Peso 6,5 kg
    Control de velocidad electrónico
    Cartucho calefactor
    Soplador aire caliente 2300 W

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