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Description MAK32 

Manual Extruder for extrusion welding on PE/PP/PVDF with a maximum speed up to 3,2 kg/hour

Machine with new electronic control. Just by choosing the material we are goingto weld, PP/PE or PVDF, the machine automatically chooses the temperature of mass and air.

Motor for the heater without brushes, this way it does not need maintenance.

This digital control includes a safe device through the one the machine does not start until it has reached the indicated temperature. This way the motor is protected.

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    Maximum  welding

    3,2 kg/h, Ø 4 mm

    1,8 kg/h, Ø 3 mm

    Base materials

    PP / PE / PVDF

    Welding material

    Round rod: Ø 3 / 4 mm

    Application range

    Wall thickness: –  mm


    7,6 kg

    Electronic speed control


    Power unit box


    Heater cartridge


    Hot air blower

    2300 W

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