Extruder Fittings

In addition to offer good value extruders for welding plastics, it is vital, to have the additional fittings too, that will help us to realize everything under guarantees and finally end it in properly conditions.

Is for that reason that Aristegui Maquinaria, have a wide catalogue of fittings aimed for the extrusion welding.

Here you will find, for example:

Rod Roll holder; this fitting, permits that the rod starts to develop and gets feed without appearing of the knots, that restrain the continuity of the welding.

Polisher; This tool polish the welding, removing the plastic excess and leaving just the welding.

Transport boxes; Diverse boxes models, designed just in case that you wish, that extruder goes always protected, and well stored.

flow meter; For the Outside Air machines, we have this meter, it is positioned between the blower, that provides the air and our extruder. In this manner, we could see easily if the air arriving is quite enough or is not.

After that, for the welding verification, we can use the “spark tester”, this is a weld tester using high frequency that issues rays though the weld, sparking when finds a pore.

The digital thermometers; are a significant point in the plastic extrusion welding, making that the air and the mass, rise at the exact temperature, depending of the plastic that we are going to weld: Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Pvc, … for that reason is highly advisable that all the operators has a thermometer, for measuring the real air temperature and the mass temperature.

These are just, some bite of the fittings that we could find in this section.