Electrofusion welding

To realize this sort of weldings, there are different machines in the market nowadays, from plain manual machines to the sophisticated ones, in Aristegui Maquinaria we have all types, in order that every customer could choose which one suits his/her necessities in a better way.

Manual Machines for pipeline welding, for electrofusion, are those where only we can introduce the welding details in a manual way.

Machines with data introduction by scanner device, which unlike the classic ones, where the data is introduced though a optic pen, resulting mostly of the times reading errors, all our machines are covered with a bar code reader by scanner, the scanner reads, in a much fastest way and without mistakes, making that we gain time in each welding that we do, in addition other huge benefit from our machines is that the scanner reads everything, no matter the brand is well-known or not , this way we have the freedom to buy the accessories we wish , with the guarantee that the machine will weld it, without any problem at all.


Machines with USB memory.

Our high range machines, could keep in memory more than 2.000 weldings, this allows us later on, via USB devise, obtain a complete report of all the work traceability.

Furthermore, thanks to this USB device, we could update its software each time, there are additions, new brands, measures, etc.… so in that way, the machine never gets obsolete and works always remaining up to date.