Electrofusion pipe welding

The polyethylene pipeline welding by electrofusion, is one of the most used methods, to join pipelines between each other, or with some accessory.

This sort of weldings operate thru the DVS2207-1 norm, and presumably is one the simplest weldings methods to weld polyethylene, although you should bear in mind some points.

First of all, the welding should be done always through an accessory by electrofusion, either be elbow, a Tee piece or a sleeve item … are indispensable elements for carry out with this kind of weldings.

Secondly, is essential scratch well all the tube endings, that will be welded. We should take out this thin-film surface gloss that the tube has, and acquires during the fabrication process. We recommend to do this process with a rotating scratching item, because this will assure us an uniform and perfect scraped across the entire surface that we should weld.

When we have the tube edge well scratched, we must put the accessory that we wish to weld, on, trying don’t touch or dirty the surfaces scratched, avoiding contaminate them.

From there, we will plug the machine connectors and enforce the suitable current during the seconds/minutes till obtain a properly pipeline welding, using the electrofusion accessory.

Electrofusion pipe welding 1

Electrofusion welding

To realize this sort of weldings, there are different machines in the market nowadays…

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Electrofusion pipe welding 2

Electrofusion welding accessories

While the polyethylene welding pipeline by electrofusion…

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