In this section you can find the wide range of machinery that you have at your disposal in Arístegui Machinery. For welding pipe, sheet, industrial processes …

Products 1

Thermofusion Pipe Welding

It is the process of joining two plastic pipes, or pipe with accessory, through heat ….

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Products 2

Electrofusion pipe welding

The welding of polyethylene pipe by electrofusion, is another of the methods most used…

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Products 3

Workshop – Construction of Accessories

Some pieces absolutely necessary for any type of installation…

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Products 4

welding use for waterproofing

Machines for the welding of sheet and geomembrane for reservoirs…

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Products 5

PVC welding for awning and soils

Machines for the soldering of PVC sheet for awnings, floors…

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Products 6

Manual welders and rotomolding

Hand-held machines for the welding by rod or by contact of plastics…

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Products 7

Extrusion welding

In this last years, the use of the thermoplastic containers has increased considerably…

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Products 8

Plastic Boiler making

Machines for butt welding and folding of plastic plates…

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Products 9

Industrial Blowers and Heaters

Hot air machines for industrial processes…

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