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Manual extruder with external air for welding PE/PP/PVDF with a maximum speed of up to 6.5 kg/hour.

Machine with new electronic control. By simply choosing the material to be welded, PP, PE or PVDF, the machine automatically selects the mass and air temperature.

Driven by a powerful electric motor, the rod is fed into the extruder and granulated by the extruder screw in the process.

The screw forces the granulate into the extruder nozzle, melting the rod into a fully plasticized homogeneous mass.

As the molten material exits the nozzle, it is shaped by the extruder nozzle as it is molded onto the surface being worked on.


Technical specifications

Maximumwelding6,5 kg/h, Ø 5 mm
4 kg/h, Ø 4 mm
Base materialsPP/ PE / PVDF
Material for weldingRoround rod: Ø 4 / 5 mm
ApplicationrangeWall thickener: 12 – 40 mm
Weight8.9 kg
Length700 mm
Electronic speedcontrol
Box with power unit
Heatingcartridge800 W
Hot airblower2300 W

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