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The EF250 is a machine for making electrofusion welds of tubes and fittings from diameter 20mm to 450mm. A very manageable device that perfectly covers the needs of customers.

With a weight of only 19Kg, the small size of EF 250 contrasts with the great performance it has. On the technology used in the EF welding unit, the EF 250 takes it to the next level with a compact and lightweight form factor.

It is equipped with robust rubber cables capable of tolerating the most severe conditions. It has a high contrast and backlit screen, allows excellent visibility in all lighting conditions.

It fully complies with the iso international standard for welding equipment and has automatic barcode operation.

Using the supervisor passwords you can configure the machine and change the language of the software.


Technical specifications

Modes of OperationManual (keyboard) or Barcode (Scanner)
Machine languageEnglish, Spanish( Other languages on demand )
Working temperatureFrom -20ºC to +40ºC
Input dataBy alphanumeric keys
Memory dataNO
Download dataNO
Input voltage230V
Voltage required for workfrom 184V to 276V, +/-20%
Input intensityfrom 1A to 14A
Input frequency50 Hz ( from 40 to 70 Hz )
Output voltage39.5 V ( from 8V to 48 )
Output stability+/- 1,5%
Output intensityfrom 1A to 60A
Power consumptionfrom 40W to 3300W
Welding timefrom 1 sec. Up to 2000 sec
Welding diametersfrom 16mm to 450mm
Input cable10 mts
Output cable3 mts
Weight19 kg
Measurement22cm x 26cm x 45cm


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