In the construction of buildings, plastics are plentiful in pipes, coverings, floors, sound proofing, panels, doors, windows, crystals, bath units, bars, banisters and it is growing more and more the number of applications of both structural and decorative interiors. For pipes, valves and fittings, plastics offers resistance to higher corrosion and they are lighter, easier to install, and more economic than the alternatives.  Insensitive to chemicals products and the compounds which contain sulphur, plastic pipes transport in a secure way everything, from fresh water to salt water and from crude oil to the laboratory waste. These qualities have been also combined with a “high resistance-weight” relationship of the plastics to produce materials for the construction of bridges, including support bars, non-slip paving and covering substitution of fast installation. For commercial buildings which contain sensitive electronic equipment, plastics can provide highly-protected homes which do not interfere with radio frequency or magnetic waves. Tendency forecasters also predict that families who buy single-family homes are increasingly choosing existing antique houses, which they will renovate according to their needs. Here, plastics also play an important role, with the substitution and improvement of materials which offer functional and decorative benefits. welding machine,welding, plastic welding, plastic welding machines,plastics welding, thermoplastic welding, polyethylene welders, polyethylene welding, PE welding,polypropylene welding,pvc welding machine   In construction, plastic materials will continue adding velocity; and they will allow saving energy and reducing the costs. With plastics, for example, bath fittings like baths, showers and sinks can be manufactured in only one piece – walls, pipes and everything – and after putting them in their place and joining to the structure of the building, they produce a significative saving in the construction and installation costs. In the restoration of antique houses, plastics can offer the best of both worlds: the duplication of the old beauty with the use of higher quality materials of these days. Architectural touches like wall decorations, doors and window mouldings can be made simulating marble or hand carvings, but they offer ease of care and resistance to damages that only plastic materials can offer. It is waited that the use of plastics proliferates in all homes; the materials of the roof can be easily installed with an excellent acoustics, thermal qualities and fire resistance; windows frames of lower cost, resistant, and which need little maintenance; hall doors which offer higher soundproofing and their beauty is unique.