In many occasions, we have machines that has been leave apart because of a job change, and will be no longer need it, nevertheless they function and work properly, and still have a long shelf life.

In this section Aristegui Maquinaria offer the possibility to our customers of sell these machines and obtain an economical benefit for a tool that they don’t use nowadays.

For this reason, is easy to find in our section of Opportunities machines of the brands:  Bak, Tecnodue, Leister, Munsch, Advance Welding, McElroy and others.

The sale price of this machines, second hand, is always far below the real price of the brand new one, so they are usually really good bargains.

Certainly, these machines before to be on sale, they go through on an exhaustive control of quality, under our technical service. The machines get repaired or pieces replaced, if it is need it, leaving them at the end in a prefect conditions, ready to be used.

This section keeps always moving on, because of each day could be a new opportunity on sale, coming from some customer that wish to sell their used machine/ second hand. So, keep on looking at our section for bargains, from any type of welding as; pipeline welding, waterproofing welding, electrofusion welding, etc … surely the big opportunity that you are waiting for could appear when one does not expect it.

So, if you have machines and they are not used anymore if you plan to earn an extra income with that, don’t doubt it, and please put in contact with us, and we will do our best to sell your machine under the best conditions.