New “App” for the calculation of pipe parameters in the case of butt welding.

Until now, it has not been possible to predetermine the long-time behaviour of butt-welded joints by means of non-destructive testing. Therefore, significance is attached to the monitoring and recording of the welding parameters in order to ensure a good weld.

For the common butt-welding machines utilised most frequently nowadays, the welder uses the tables from the machine manufacturers in order to manually calculate welding parameters and, at the end, to file them away in the folder of the installation as a paper record.

Until now we had to carry the files of the tables of the welding machine in order to know what pressure we would need to apply according to the diameter. Different values for every different machine.

It has been now published at the Joining Plastics magazine of October, which mentioned the K Show in Düsseldorf, an article that talks about a new mobile application, introduced recently in the market, which calculates the butt-welding parameters of all pipes, according with the different standards of UE and USA. (DVS and ISO)


These are the big advantages:

-It includes tables of all pipes and all machine brands.

-Several pipes can be calculated at the same time.

-The result can be sent by e-mail immediately.

-The data can be printed out.

-You don’t need to be connected on the internet to use it.


It will become a necessary tool for every welder as they will have all they need to calculate the welding in only one device, regardless what the machine is or what pipe it is.

With this application we can forget all about papers.

The “app” is available for iOS and Android operating system.