In the construction of homes, there are some kinds of plastic pipes that are used in the entire project. All these pipes have the purpose of being ventilation and carrying water and waste water. Each kind of pipe has a different use, different properties and different costs. It is important to know which kind of pipe we are working with, as it is almost impossible to join to some of the different kinds of pipes together without coming up with a problem.



Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes (PVC): white colour. It is frequently found in irrigation systems. Although it can support much pressure, it breaks down in sunlight. It is suitable to be buried underground, and even in some areas it is approved for carrying drinking water.



Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is a black plastic pipe material. It is porous in nature due to the way it is manufactured. Its porosity not only decreases the resistance of the material, but also reduces manufacturing costs. It is normally used for drainpipes or ventilation openings. The ventilation openings are simply a vent that allows the air to escape through the roof, and the drainpipes have very low pressure. This makes ABS a good material for these purposes.



High Density Cross-linked Polyetilene (PEX) is a flexible pipe made for carrying water. It is used for under floor heating, in which it is passed hot water through the pipes which are collocated just below the ground surface. This function also can be inverted to get cold water. PEX is also an incredible alternative for traditional copper pipes. Red and blue PEX pipes can be used respectively for cold and hot water; they can be connected from a central manifold for each separate water outlet in the house. As long as the pipe is flexible, it is not necessary to weld or to perforate it.



Chloride PVC (CPVC) is orange and it is generally used in the home fire sprinkler systems, although it can be found in other places.  It is not suitable for drinking water, but it is capable of supporting higher pressures than any other kinds of PVC.

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Electrical Conduit PVC

PVC is grey and it is produced to carrying wires. It is not suitable for carrying drinking water, and it is not classified for high pressure. It is simply used as a pipe for the electrical wiring. Some circuits that need to be buried can use this kind of grey PVC pipe like a less expensive alternative to coated steel pipe.