The ceramic wedge has been designed and manufactured with high technology for a single wedge can weld both polyethylene and PVC. Unthinkable classic wedges with standard machines where copper wedge is used for polyethylene and steel wedge for PVC.

Has a high thermal conductivity up to 1400 ° C. The material has high hardness, has a very good resistance to temperature and has very good sliding properties.

Wedge ceramics not only provides better radiation absorption and metal wedges but also non-stick “self-cleaning” is no wear and corrosion.

While conventional wedges have resistances inserted laterally ceramic wedge presents a new innovative principle, where the heating element is inserted through the rear, a resistor which fills the entire surface of the wedge. This offers two major advantages:

– The wedge hot temperature better and is completely uniform throughout

– The method of measuring the temperature is much more reliable, because in this case the sensor is not between the resistors and the other wedges.


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Practical knowledge, experimental technical inspection as well as a study by the MPA Hannover laboratory tests have shown that you can weld geomembrane plus all the usual smooth, structured sheets. According to all the rules DVS guidelines. Thus this continuous and uniform radiation through this wedge gives “reliable results even for films with structures”
Can not be omitted nor perfect finish of the weld, not unusual considering the heat output of which is 2100W, 1600W unlike summing the four resistors of standard wedges.

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