Expoquimia 2014

By |2017-05-07T03:28:25+00:00September 9th, 2014|

The Expoquimia Fair comes back to Barcelona after 3 years and possibly it is one of the most important fairs [...]

Red Pipe: Pipe system for fires

By |2017-05-07T03:28:25+00:00September 1st, 2014|

The Aquatherm Red Pipe system is used to create fire fighting installations (sprinkler systems) and for the installation of fire [...]

PE for the fish farms

By |2017-05-07T03:28:29+00:00April 28th, 2014|

In the previous posts, we have talked much about the use of polyethylene pipes for the canalizations of water supply [...]


By |2017-05-07T03:28:32+00:00November 25th, 2013|

In our Earth planet, we can say that it is composed of a total of 1.4 millions cubic kilometres of [...]

Plastic Materials in Construction

By |2017-05-07T03:28:33+00:00October 7th, 2013|

In the construction of buildings, plastics are plentiful in pipes, coverings, floors, sound proofing, panels, doors, windows, crystals, bath units, [...]

Plastic use in medicine

By |2017-05-07T03:28:34+00:00September 30th, 2013|

Plastic is any material that is part of a wide range of semi-synthetic or synthetic solids that are used in [...]

Rainwater storage tanks

By |2017-05-07T03:28:34+00:00September 23rd, 2013|

Nowadays, luckily, we don’t have any problem with water supply in cities and towns, so it is not necessary to [...]


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