Cutting Saws

One of the most remarkable process and indispensable for the build of polyethylene / polypropylene fittings, is the cut.

Perform a good, accurate and clean cut will guarantee us that the pieces will match perfectly, and the weld becomes more secure and nice ant at first glance. So, if the cut is good, both sides should fully touch themselves.

For this reason, a proper saw is really essential in each workshop that wants to manufacturer plastic fittings in polyethylene / polypropylene.

In Aristegui Maquinaria we have a wide range of saws shaped for the polyethylene / polypropylene pipelines.

Our Range line of ST Saws, are composed for saw series that embrace all the diameters till 1200mm.This family division has the models ST450, ST630, ST800, and 1200.

This saws comes with a rotating articulate arm; that permits to do a straight cut, a cut in several angles, two directions, apart has a pneumatic clamp, with an independent tightening control.

To manage the tightening strength, to hold the tube that we are cutting off, making that the tube does not rock during all the cutting process.

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