Workshop – Construction of Accessories

Talking about some absolute necessary pieces, for any kind of pipe installation, we meet the fittings. Basically, is not possible to do a simple installation without using any type of them.

There are two types of fittings, that we can found easily on the market; Polyethylene / polypropylene fittings, both manufactured throughout injection, from one single piece, or instead Polyethylene /polypropylene segmented fittings, which are workshop made of welding different pieces.

The option of made the pieces by oneself, reduces the costs substantially, and although the initial investment could be meaningful, after a short-term/ long-term period, becomes highly profitable.

A part from not having to purchase more extra fittings anymore, we also profit any pipe piece that we use to left aside at the works, before they get wasted. Consequently, the fittings that are made by oneself could be pretty much done for free.

To have a fully-equipped workshop, we should have a plastic pipeline cutting saw, to obtain a perfect cut, that’s essential if we plan to perform high quality Polyethylene / polypropylene fittings and do it with great guaranties.

Obviously, the saw should be as minimum, the size of our welding machines, in order to cover all the diameters that we have.

The saw should perform a straight cut or angled one, this cuts are needed it for the elbow manufacturing, T’s to 90º, crosses and t’s from 45º to 60º.

Workshop – Construction of Accessories 1

Butt Welding Fittings Construction

build all types of fittings as; elbows, t’s to 90º…

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Workshop – Construction of Accessories 2

Butt Welding Reduced “T” Constructions

Other essential ancillary and highly use at whatever construction work…

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Workshop – Construction of Accessories 3

Socket Reduced “T” Manufacturing

Another method to realise T’s reduced is by welding socket…

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Workshop – Construction of Accessories 4

Cutting Saws

Uno de los procesos más importantes e imprescindibles para la fabricación…

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