Automatic and self-propelled machines for welding Pipeline

In this section, you could see all the range of self-governing machines, in which we could difference two types of self-propelled machines, and the machines on wheels, designed to be pulled. These machines with a four grips trolley, been three of them removable, are able to move down to the ditch and perform the pipeline welding on site.

All this machines have hydraulic power, beyond all the other movements, that gives extra powerfull to the motor facer.

Self-propelled range, this machines range departs from 250mm. to 1200mm., are machines that has great benefits, as their name indicates, are machines totally self-governed due to the electric generator integrated, that they bring, consequently external generators that supply electricity are no needed, meaning that will provide you a wide freedom of movements.

Additionally, is a self-propelled machine, she moves by herself thanks to a pair of pinch rubber rollers (crawlers), which ones you could reach to an inaccessible place, for the traditional vehicles, as trucks or crane tow trucks…

Range with wheels, this machine range goes form the smaller one 335mm. till the biggest one 1600mm., generally has the same skills that the self-propelled ones, unlike the movement, this machine is not self-propelled, has four rollers for furnish transportation, making possible to be carried away by another vehicle.