Soil welding machines

Recently there is an increasing use of PVC, particularly in soils imitating stone, wood, or cement, and they are in such way so close that many times is quite difficult to figure out.

The PVC soil, provides you a set of advantages, respect others more classics materials, designed for floors.

As an example; they don’t suffer distortions cause of moisture, because there is no wood in their components, and apart form that, they are absolute waterproof, they have also a great strength against most of the Chemical cleaner products, other skill that they have, is that they are slip-proof, making them more secure preventing falls.

They have a long life, because of their great resistance from the daily wear, converting them in a good investment in places used by plenty of people.

Basically, exist two forms of PVC soils; the continuous ones and the tiles.

In both sides the union is done by supplying of material, the rod. This can be performed manually using our hot air weldings or our automatic welding machine created for rod weld.

Afterwards we should cut off the material left, leaving the joint smooth.

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