PVC welding for awning and soils

The PVC is the material that rules the tarpaulins market, these tarpaulins are used to make awnings, curtains, tents, etc… because of their big value, low price for high achievement.

As in the truck covers case, where sometimes they should suffer adverse weather conditions as rain or snow, together with some extreme temperatures, cold or heat.

The PVC sheets, offers an exceptional awning manufacturing features, such as when a repair is involved. Above all in the truck transport industry, where time factor is a really important point, the PVC welding by hot air, is a great advantage in comparison with other kind of arrangements; as stitches, adhesive tape or glue reparations. A standard breakage could be repaired in just 15 minutes, using a warm air manual welding machine.

Welding by warm air is often used for the soils too, although in this occasion, the panels should be jointed trough a PVC rod, with supplying of material.

In Aristegui Maquinaria we offer you a vast variety of manual and automatic machines for use in construction and PVC awnings and in the PVC soil installations.

PVC welding for awning and soils 1

Awnings Welding Machines

Once we choose the sort of union that we are going to do in PVC sheet, we should have in mind that…

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PVC welding for awning and soils 2

Welding accessories for awnings

The PVC welding sheet, is a sort of thermoplastic welding…

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PVC welding for awning and soils 3

Soil weldingmachines

Recently there is an increasing use of PVC, particularly in soils imitating stone, wood…

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PVC welding for awning and soils 4

Fittings for the soils welding

As practically mostly of the weldings, this is not a different, the soils welding…

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