Biomass Lighters

In this last years, the use of biomass boilers has increased considerably. The biomass boilers are the ones, that uses for their operation, natural fuels that comes from renewable resources, instead that use traditional fuels, as diesel fuel or the natural gas.

The Biofuel, which this machines need to be feed, are pretty more economical that the traditional fuels, resulting that we save, gas and electricity in a long-term period.

The Biomass boiler operation, is quite like the gas boiler. The fuel burner, burns all the pellets and generate a horizontal flame that produce the heat, this heating after all is distributed for the water-heater, heaters, etc.

In Aristegui  Maquinaria we furnish a great range of lighters for this type of boilers. Our model Firebox is our smaller model, and its available in 1050 and 1400SW. achieving a temperature of 650ºC using a pressure of 2800Pa with an air flow of 265 l/min.

The Rion Ignition model, is a 1600W. lighter, that can accomplish a temperature of 700ºC under a pressure of 3000Pa with an air flow of 230 l/min.

Finally, there is the Eron Ignition model, the biggest of the range line and reaches to 650ºC of temperature, under a 3000Pa pressure, with an air flow of 500l/min.

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