Industrial Blowers and Heaters

Each day in the whole world industries, millions of processes gets accomplished, requiring warm air sources, as for example: for heating, shrinking, drying, tighten, or melting …. this warm air, it’s a very adaptable element and easy to control in any kind of heating process. Warm air is broadcasted by a convective way.

The convection, is one of the three methods that we own, for transmit the heating, and its main characteristic is that this type of warming is produced by a fluid (liquid/air) that transfers the hot temperature from one place to another, warming the material without having direct contact, for that reason this type of warming up do not damage the material. Furthermore, the hot air is clean and doesn’t leave waste, making totally unnecessary clean it, after the process ends.

The hot air application is very simple, that’s because the temperature is very easy to regulate, the maximum temperature that these heaters can achieve are around 650º/700ªC although some specific heaters, could be able to reach temperatures up to 800ºC o 900ºC.

In Aristegui Maquinaria we have a wide range of heaters and blowers where do you will find always the best combination that really fit your needs.

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Industrial Heaters

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Industrial Blowers

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