Extrusion welding – welding PE HD

In this last years, the use of the thermoplastic containers has increased considerably, mainly built in; PE, PP, PVC, PVDF … and other materials.

The technical plastics; feature strength to the chemical products, to the high temperatures, and to corrosion, all these advantages has been decisive in their production booming, in relation with other materials that has lost positions in comparison with the thermoplastic ones.

In addition, their production process or building process is really simple, and in order to guarantee a proper result in the plastic tanks or containers, we must use the correct welding material and the right welders.

Although, is certain that in this type of work, the operators are the produce-creators and the responsible on developing the pieces. In order to give a good finishing and successful job, they will need a properly and high quality tools, able to do the weldings with all the guaranties.

Other division sector where this type of weldings are used is; on the waterproof reservoirs and basins constructions, done in PE polyethylene. During the building usually breakages appear, so it is common to place patches, and in the unreachable parts or the ones that causes welding difficulties, use a extrusion machine.

In Aristegui Maquinaria we have a wide range of exrtruder machines from the brand that we distribute; Munsch (Germany), world number one brand on the extruders market.

Its large variety of machines allow us to find always each case best solution. All this assortment can be divided in two big families, Incorporated Air Extruders machines MAK and the Outside Air Extruder machines MEK.

Extrusion welding – welding PE HD 1

Incorporated Air Extruders machines

Las maquinas MAK, son extrusoras con aire incorporado y no es necesario…

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Extrusion welding – welding PE HD 2

Outside Air Extruder

The other Munsch extruders family are the Outside Air Extruders. Means that the heater machine …

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Extrusion welding – welding PE HD 3

Extruder Fittings

In addition to offer good value extruders for welding plastics, it is vital, to have the additional fittings too…

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